Meat Dehydrator Reviews: STX International Dehydra 1200W-XLS

Widely considered one of the best dehydrators on the market today, the extra large STX International Dehydra 1200W-XLS offers a level of drying power rivaled by few, if any, other commercial dehydrators. Beyond dehydration, it is a highly durable model with stainless steel racks that are built to last a lifetime.

To no one’s surprise, this impressive machine was selected as the top choice in our official list for best food dehydrator. Below, we detail the inner and outer workings of the STX International Dehydra 1200-watt model based on real reviews.

Key features people mention in their reviews:

  • Stainless steel build
  • Very high drying power
  • Quiet motor and fan
  • Detachable motor for easy cleaning and storage
  • Long warranty

What do the Reviews Say?

Customer reviews of the dehydrator heavily favor its strengths. About 70% of the total reviews on Amazon rank the STX International Dehydra 1200-XLS as 5 stars.

Fittingly, users extol its unparalleled 1200 watts of power and down right impressive heating unit. Reviewers also commend the removable heating unit, with its digital control panel and smooth-sounding fan.

Among the few naysayers, the primary complaint is that the dehydrator died on them after a short time of use. This is not necessarily a negative review on the quality of the machine itself but most likely a manufacturing error. Although inconvenient, the dehydrator can easily be replaced or repaired with the extensive three year warranty that comes with it.

Other complaints include its longer pre-heating time (which makes sense considering its wide-ranging temperature capacity) and its heaviness.

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What Does the STX International Dehydra 1200W-XLS Come With?

Components of the STX International Dehydra 1200W-XLS:

  • Ten stainless steel drying trays with â…ž-inch square holes
  • A drip tray
  • A digital control panel
  • STX International Dehydra 1200W-XLSA 15-hour shut-off timer
  • A three-year fix/repair/replace warranty

There are numerous standout features of this dehydrator. First, its drying trays are made purely of stainless steel that does not rust or distort. They trays consist of nearly inch-wide spaces. This spacing is ideal for efficient heating.  It does, however, also mean that you may need to heat smaller fruits, vegetables, and herbs, as well as tiny pieces of meat, on drying sheets instead of directly on the rack itself. The product comes with a drip tray for easy cleanup, but no fruit leather or rollup sheets.

With a digital control panel, the machine is fairly easy to operate. It offers a wide selection of heating temperatures, and has an automatic shut-off option. Of note, the shut-off timer is limited to 15 hours.  This is much shorter than the typical 24-hour timer of other dehydrators.

Above all else, the heating unit is remarkable, or at the very least distinctive. Not only does it hit appropriately high temperatures for cooking meat, but it also offers very high wattage compared with other machines. What’s more, you can take apart the heating unit with the flip of a latch.  This makes for easier cleaning and more convenient storage.

How Much Drying Power is This Dehydrator Packing?

Among the dehydrators examined at the Upland Hunter, this one is far and away the most dominant in terms of drying power. Connected to the back end of the machine, the heating unit emits a consistent 1200 watts of heat.  This is two or more times higher than the drying power of many other dehydrators.

To heat the food, the machine utilizes a horizontal airflow fan system that delivers heat evenly across each drying tray.  It does this while simultaneously being sent out from the back to the front at each level. This process results in well-cooked and evenly dried food.

Boasting a temperature range of 95º to 165º F, the dehydrator can conceivably heat all types of food without any safety or efficiency concerns. The maximum temperature of 165º F is the precise temperature at which meat needs to be heated in order to kill off potentially harmful bacteria.

When using many other dehydrators that cannot hit such a high temperature, you need to cure the meat before placing it in the machine. But with this dehydrator, you can heat meat and make jerky right off the bat, which saves time and energy.

How Large is the STX International Dehydra 1200W-XLS?

Considered an extra-large dehydrator of commercial and industrial grade, the STX International Dehydra 1200W-XLS can be imposing to face for the first time. Its size measurements are 20.5 by 17.2 by 15.6 inches.  It has a cumulative weight of 38.5 pounds. Though there are other dehydrators sharing similar dimensions, this dehydrator is one of the heaviest around.  This is due to the 100% stainless steel makeup of its drying trays and its powerful drying unit.

The 10 drying shelves are each 16 inches wide and 14.5 inches long.  This amounts to a total drying surface of 16 square feet and an interior drying area of 3,712 cubed inches. These drying trays consist of ⅞-inch square holes.

With these dimensions and weight, this dehydrator likely does not belong on top of kitchen counters, but rather on a designated shelf, island, or simply on the floor. Fortunately, storage and cleaning are made easier by the detachable heating unit. Once the motor and fan are removed, the dehydrator sheds a considerable amount of weight and length.

Noise and Comfort Considerations

Visually, the dehydrator has a nice silver finish that gives it a professional look. The stainless steel construction also provides you with a sense of sturdiness.  This is nice since the dehydrator is designed to be long lasting. There are a series of small divots running down each side, and screws that are fastened to the edges.

A detachable motor unit in the back is connected to the rest of the machine via small latches at the back end of each side. The front door has a unique design. It moves up and down the front of the machine similar to other sliding doors.  However, unlike other dehydrators, it has flaps that allow the door to seal with the machine. The door also has a string of openings for ventilation, and a handle at the bottom to facilitate its opening.

Beyond its polished appearance, the dehydrator is shockingly quiet considering the sheer power and size of its heating unit. The seven-inch fan makes a light swishing sound with the air when running that is basically inaudible from the next room.

Upland Hunter’s Final Rating for the STX International Dehydra 1200W-XLS: 9.5/10

Firing away at 1200 watts of heating glory, the STX International Dehydra 1200-watt model is a machine to behold. The extra-large commercial food and jerky dehydrator is made of high quality stainless steel material that is meant to last a lifetime.

A few barriers that might deter potential buyers are its high price, large size and weight, and longer heating time.  It takes longer to reach higher temperatures when getting started due to its wide temperature range.

Regardless, the dehydrator as it stands is arguably one of the all around best dehydrators available. Finally, its spacious heating area and high heating temperature make it a particularly excellent choice for making a lot of jerky.

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