Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder Reviews: Voted Best Commercial Grinder

Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder Review

Read real Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder reviews and learn all about this model to see if it’s the right meat grinder for your kitchen.

With its precision engineered steel gears, this meat grinder performs smoothly and quietly under high pressure. Not to mention, it’s designed to offer the highest grinder speeds out there. Built tough to withstand hard work, the metal gears are soaked in oil so that they run for a lifetime. It’s also a sleek looking piece of machinery that’s simple to dismantle and clean in between uses. You can also take it apart for more compact storage.

Officially known as the Weston (08-1201-W) Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder, this high-power grinder gets Upland Hunter’s recognition as the Best Commercial Meat Grinder. Make sausages, grind meat, whatever you’re doing this machine can go all day. Easily grind meat without worrying about the grinder slipping thanks to the addition of non-slip rubber feet.

It’s the perfect option for hunters, dog breeders, or other people who process a lot of meat. It’s durable enough for regular use in small restaurants as well.

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The Weston Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder comes with the following: Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder Review

  • Stainless steel grinding knife
  • Two grinding plates, one coarse and (7mm) and one medium (4.5mm)
  • Stainless steel cutting blade size #12
  • 3 sausage stuffing funnels (20mm, 30mm, and 40mm)
  • Stainless steel snack stick funnel
  • High speed stuffing auger
  • Stuffing star/spacer
  • Durable stomper
  • Two-year limited warranty 

The stainless-steel feed assembly and auger paired with unique Head Design (patent pending) offer maximum grinding capacity. This machine also comes with a large square stainless steel feed pan that measures 11-inch x 7.5-inch by 2.5-inch.

Weston makes standup products with the mission to “fuel a movement of food traditionalists with enduring, well-built products needed for a self-sustaining approach to food.” That’s why so many hunters, gardeners, and food enthusiasts rely on Weston products.

Positive selling points mentioned in Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder Reviews:

  • Grinds 7-9 pounds of meat a minute; 540 pounds of meat per hour—customers say they grind and pack meat faster than ever before.
  • Comes with a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation.
  • It is designed with a “wide, offset throat with rifled head” to offer “the highest grinder speeds on the market.”
  • All metal gears for better grinding power
  • Permanently lubricated, air-cooled motor for long lasting power
  • Rugged and durable—inside and out
  • Easily make snack sticks using the snack stick tube and cyclone high speed auger
  • Beautiful stainless steel casing keeps the machine looking great for years to come, plus it makes it easier to clean.

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Weston Pro Series HP—How Much Power Does it Offer?

  • 120 volt, 50/60 Hz–runs smooth for a lifetime
  • Horse power: ¾
  • Wattage: 550 Watts
  • Comes with a circuit breaker for added safety

This powerhouse of a meat grinder can grind up to 18 pounds of meat a minute, and as much as 540 pounds of meat per hour. The Weston Pro Series weighs 42 pounds when fully assembled. It is easy to take apart for cleaning and storage.

There are four different models of the Weston Pro Series collection, including a 2 HP model, a 1 HP model, and a ½ HP model. The ½ and ¾ HP models are best for heavy use in residential settings, but offer enough power for small restaurants as well. The less HP, the more affordable the price point.

See where Weston’s Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder falls on our list of the best meat grinders

What sets commercial Weston Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder reviews apart from residential meat grinders?

Commercial meat grinders are made with the power to go all day long, grinding large amounts of meat in minutes. While a high-powered residential meat grinder may pulse through 300 pounds of meat per hour, this impressive machine can grind nearly double that at the highest speeds.  That’s because it has an air-cooled motor and is permanently lubricated to run for a lifetime.

Do You Need a Commercial Meat Grinder?

Anything labeled for use as a commercial meat grinder is going to cost at least double what a residential meat grinder runs you. You might need a commercial meat grinder if you process a lot of game for personal use and family, or if you operate a small restaurant. If you use a meat grinder every day or once a week, it might be worth it to invest in a higher power commercial model.

Can the Weston Pro Series Grind Bones?

Grinding bones is a common concern for people who process a lot of game or make their own pet food. If you need to grind bones, it’s yet another reason to consider a commercial meat grinder. The Weston Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder will grind soft bones and connective tissues without fail.

Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder Reviews Say It’s Easy to Use

 A commercial meat grinder might make you think of something cumbersome and complicated to use, but not this model. Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder Reviews mention this machine is easy to use and comes with similar buttons to a residential machine, such as the standard On/Off switch. This model does not have a Reverse button because for the most part you don’t need it with this machine.

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up the machine out of the box. Within no time you’re ready to start grinding pounds on pounds of meat.

Finally, A Commercial Meat Grinder That’s Easy to Clean

Real customer reviews say it’s easy to take this machine apart to clean it. Simply take off the front grinder piece and put all dirty attachment pieces in warm soapy water. Let them soak for a bit before cleaning the cylinder piece by hand and drying the attachments. You’ll also need to clean the meat tray if you used it. The rest of the machine needs little cleaning and you do not need any special cleaning tools to tackle the task.

Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder Reviews–Upland Hunter’s Final Rating: 9.5/10

We can’t possibly give the Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder anything less than a 9.5. After all, it has some of the best reviews of any other meat grinder and it’s built to last for commercial and residential use. The ½ HP model starts at around $350, and the 2 HP model ranges closer to $750. This gives a lot of variety and options for different needs.

We love this meat grinder because it’s reliable, backed by a warranty, made from high quality food grade safe materials, and most importantly it can grind all the meat you need it to without overheating thanks to the addition of an air-cooled motor. This may very well be the last meat grinder you ever buy!

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